Cooper And Manson: A Match Made In Hell

A sneering pale white face dripping with dark black eye makeup. This could easily describe either Alice Cooper or Marilyn Manson. Pairing up these two notorious hard rockers seems like a no brainer, and now it appears that they agree. In a fusion of 1970’s wild-eyed aggression and 1990’s creepy violent angst, Cooper and Manson are reportedly joining forces and touring together.

Amid an appropriately sinister background, a promo poster released on Cooper’s website shows Cooper growling menacingly while Manson looks on with his patented penetrating stare of hostility. So far only two dates have been announced for the event billed as “Masters Of Madness: Shock Therapy Tour”: a June 4th show in West Valley City, Utah, and a June 23rd show in Pittsburgh, PA, with more to come. Tickets for the June 4th performance (priced between $34-59) go on sale Friday at 10am. This matchup of the ultimate shock rockers is sure to attract fans of every generation.

By: D.D.

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