A $3 SUBWAY Sandwich? Yes, Please.

SUBWAY is giving us another reason to love the Month of March…

$3 Six-Inch Oven Roasted Chicken Sandwiches. It’s a deal until the 31st!

In addition to their ongoing $5 footlong deal, you can get a Foot-Long Buffalo Chicken Sandwich.

On a separate note from eating, SUBWAY has begun their Virtual Build Your Own SUBWAY® Challenge for players from every corner of the world who can set up their own store, choose their location, learn the business,answer quiz questions, and drive traffic to their restaurant via social media. Participants will gain points as customers visit their virtual restaurants, as well as through a series of challenges, which includes creating a promotional video to pitch themselves and their restaurant. Global and country leaderboards will track the highest scoring contestants throughout the four week challenge and will determine, along with a comprehensive review by a panel of judges, who the winners and finalists are. The winners will be notified from April 15 through April 19.


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