Pope Benedict XVI Speaks To Thousands In St. Peter’s Square

Pope Benedict

Tens of thousands of people gathered in St. Peter’s Square yesterday for one of Pope Benedict XVI‘s last public appearances before he steps down. Just last week, the 85 year-old Pope announced his decision to resign effective February 28th, 2013 – Read Here. He spoke from the window of his private apartment in the Apostolic Palace where he called upon the people to “continue praying for me and for the next pope.” Although it was already known that his resignation was due to his declining health, the public did not know his exact condition.

Throughout his time as head of the Catholic Church, the Pope has seen a number of health challenges and even underwent a procedure to install a pacemaker. Now reports speak of an alleged vision problem. According to the LA Times, German journalist Peter Seewald interviewed Benedict on several occasions. He said his ‘hearing had deteriorated and he appeard to have gone blind in his left eye.’



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