Listen Here: Demi Lovato’s “Heart Attack”

Pop singer Demi Lovato’s latest single, “Heart Attack” was released into the world wide web today, a week before it was set to premiere on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show. Channeling some Ke$ha flare in her electrified intro, this new track seems like it might deviate from her tried and true style of expressing heartfelt insecurities through an upbeat pop hook, but luckily for her fans this isn’t the case.

The lyrics, which strive to lay bare the uncertainty and anxiety inherent in entering into a relationship is right in line with what she set out to do with her (as of yet still untitled) upcoming fourth album. “For a while, I could tell that, when people would talk to me, they knew my story,” Lovato said. “I think I’ve opened up more on this album. My life began to evolve, and I started to grow.” As for “Heart Attack,” Lovato stated, “The title is just about falling in love and taking that risk. But, she’s terrified and, by ‘she,’ I mean me. But, I think everyone comes to a point where they feel very vulnerable in falling in love and that’s what I’m talking about.”

There is still no word as to when exactly Lovato’s album will drop or whether or not she will reprise her judging role in the next season of The X Factor.

By: D.D.

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