L.A. Catches Coachella Rock Overflow

Apparently there was just too much musical awesomeness for Coachella to fit it all into two tiny weekends this April. Picking up the overflow are other SoCal venues such as L.A’s El Rey Theatre, The Fonda, The Echo, The Orpheum and Club Nokia. Though usually stringent about their radius clause, Coachella sponsor Goldenvoice, has allowed bands to do side shows leading up to the big weekends, afterwards and during the (no longer) dead week in between the April dates.

Given the fact that they sold out of tickets almost instantly this year, perhaps Goldenvoice sees the possibility of side-gigs as an opportunity for even more money and publicity rather than a threat. Serving to heighten anticipation for the wild Indio concert series through these tangent shows are Passion Pit, 2 Chainz, Vampire Weekend and Franz Ferdinand among others.

In addition to giving the ticketholders and festival junkies a variety of new dark venues to get their music fix, this lets those a little too slow to the keyboard or a little short on cash to get a taste of Coachella as well since anyone can buy tickets to the pre, during and post shows.

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