A Salad A Day Keeps The Doctor Away?

Some schools are hoping so; or at least, a new salad bar in cafeterias will urge the youth to eat healthier. Perhaps if they got rid of the fried chicken fingers, snack machines and hamburgers… students will go for the salad bar.

Whole Kids Foundation™, in conjunction with Let’s Move Salad Bars to Schools, announced today the launch of Salad Bar Nation, a public awareness and fundraising campaign committed to improving the nation’s nutrition by challenging Americans to eat a salad every day.  The campaign will make it possible for one million children to have salads every day at school by funding 2,013 salad bars for schools across the country.

The campaign hopes to raise $5 million through text-to-give and online fundraising in addition to an initial pledge of $1.5 million from Whole Kids Foundation, which will fund salad bars in more than 570 schools across the country including all elementary schools in Anchorage, Ala., Clarksville, Tenn.and Douglas County, Colo. To make a donation to help bring salad bars to schools, text SALAD to 56512.

To inspire people to eat a salad every day, experiment with new ingredients and get chopping at home, the campaign’s website,, will feature a new salad each week along with simple healthy salad tips such as dressing on the side, adding a rainbow of colorful salad toppings and guidance on portion sizes for meat.

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