Is Probation Enough Of A Sentence For A Pervert?

Sex OffenderIf you search “sex predator,” “sexual assault” or “molester” in Google News, it is appalling how many cases there are in the US, not to mention the world, on a day to day basis. It’s even more shocking with the number of priests who are predators. The majority of these convicts’ victims are children. Among the criminals is former Long Beach priest, Luis Jose Cuevas (age 68), who was sentenced today – charged with eight misdeameanor counts of sexual assault involving two women and one felony count of lewd acts involving a child. What was the sentence? Just five years felony probation, 40 hours community service and one year of offender counseling, as well as given the title of registered sex offender. Now, just yesterday a woman was sent to jail without bail for stealing one pack of cigarettes decades ago. This says a lot about our justice system. A sex offender such as Cuevas is able to roam free in the streets after assaulting women and a child, yet someone who steals a pack of cigarettes is stuck behind bars.

What kind of lesson our we teaching to give a sexual pervert any kind of freedom to interact with the public after committing such a crime? According to reports, Cuevas remains a priest despite the fact that he is not allowed to perform any ministry duties. This man, along with the rest of them should be behind bars. Once a sex offender, always a sex offender.

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