Goodbye To The Original Dear Abby

Who doesn’t know the famousDear Abbyadvice column read by millions worldwide? The original woman behind the renowned Abigail Van Buren pen name, Pauline Friedman Phillips, has passed away at the age of 94 after a battle with Alzheimer’s disease. Today, her daughter, Jeanne Phillips, carries on her mother’s tradition of lending advice to reader’s everyday problems.

Pauline started ‘Dear Abby’ in 1956 when the column was syndicated by McNaught Syndicate. In 1966 it moved to Universal Press Syndicate. She answered every reader’s issue; from “My husband is addicted to the computer” to “I think I left too little of a tip.” Abby always addressed her reply according the the writer’s dilemma. For instance, when a woman wrote about her uncertainty with her romantic relationship, Abby would begin with “Dear Uncertain.”

She always offered honest and unbiased advice. Her daughter officially assumed the mantle of Dear Abby in August 2002.

Jeanne wrote to her mother’s fans, “As those of you who have read this column when my mother wrote it know, Mama had a deeply caring heart, a lively sense of humor and a deep devotion to all of you. She tried every day to educate, enlighten and entertain, and to inspire civility and respect for others in the many thousands of people who sought her advice. Her days in the office were spent answering letters and calling people who were in distress. The demands on her time and travel were many, but she was a loving mother, loyal wife, a caring friend and wonderful role model.”

Dear Abby, your column lives on in your memory.


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