Blackberry 10 Revealed: Can It Compete With Its Rivals?

TUNE IN HERE to view the LIVE unveiling of the Blackberry 10. This much anticipated event in the world of technology and smartphones has raised a lot of questions. Will the Blackberry 10 be a challenger for Apple and Samsung? The B10 looks sleek, is an easy touch screen and seems to have some similarities to its rivals.

Blackberry claims the white on black keyboard is the best typing experience, with improvements in autocorrect and foreign language capabilities. The phone is to offer the most robust music and video catalogs in mobile today. The new BlackBerry World will include an extensive catalog of songs as well as movies and TV shows, with most movies coming to the store the same day they are released on DVD, and next day availability of many current TV series. The competitive offering will feature content from all major studios, music labels and top local broadcast networks.

It does seem that the layout of applications are very similar to the iPhone. Blackberry Balance is a layout which is meant to organize and allow you to easily access your personal and business apps.

Watch the live presentation and decide for yourself if it’s better than the rest…

BlackBerry World

BlackBerry 10 Sign Up Page

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