A Dark Cloud Hangs Over The Winter X Games

The X Games produced by ESPN in Colorado has seen its first tragic death. At just 25 years old, freestyle snowmobile rider Caleb Moore died Thursday morning. Moore was sent to the hospital after crashing in Aspen a week before. Family spokeswoman Chelsea Lawson confirmed his death.

His bio reads:

Known for constantly pushing the boundaries of the sport, Caleb lives and breathes the action sports mentality. While well known for his phenomenal skills on an ATV, as a racer early on and then as one of the premier freestyle riders, Caleb is turning heads now in the snowmobile world. His first ever competition on a snowmobile took place at the 2010 Winter X Games 14, in which he walked away with a Bronze Medal in freestyle after only a month of practice. In 2011, Caleb returned to the Winter X Games, where he again took home Bronze in Freestyle, as well as Silver in Best Trick. 

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