New Group, Old Sound

These days it’s not uncommon that a catchy tune will amass hundreds of thousands of views on sites like YouTube in just a week, but the latest trending video, “Don’t Save Me,” the music video from the female group Haim composed of three sisters, Este, Danielle, and Alana Haim, stands out among these attention-grabbing clips. Lately it seems that pop music is blending into one long track filled with bouncy happy beats and subtle electronic undertones, and Haim’s old school 80’s vibe is original and unique and exactly what the pop world needs. With only an EP under their belt it’s far too soon to call this group the savior of pop or the new direction of music, but I have high hopes for this band that has signed to Columbia Records and plans on releasing their debut album in 2013.

It seems that growing up in a family band has helped the sisters find their musical footing, playing like seasoned artists with a clear and distinct vision for their sound with a heavy classic rock slant. With a tough rocker yet entirely feminine style, they look and play like they could have just stepped out of an old beat up VW Caravan, a guitar thrown over their shoulders, their long hair falling in their faces.  

Watch this video and prepare for their throwback sound to worm its way into your head for good.

By: Darianne Dobbie

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