Giving The Gift of Volunteer Service Abroad

While many people this time of year are preparing to confront crowded airports and highways journeying home for the holidays, there are some who have chosen to embark on a completely different journey this holiday season. This Christmas, Projects Abroad will have over 650 international volunteers working on volunteer projects overseas. These volunteers will be giving a different kind of gift: service to communities in need. They will be caring for orphans, building homes and classrooms, distributing food, helping in medical clinics, and much more. Projects Abroad volunteers of all ages undertake service work abroad on their own schedule throughout the year, choosing when and where they want to volunteer abroad.

Former Projects Abroad volunteer Clare T. describes why she chose to volunteer abroad when she did. “I was struck by a brilliant idea, why not travel, live in another country and experience another culture, meeting lots of different people while gaining some all important practical experience.” That year, Clare received mosquito nets and first aid kits for her trip for Christmas instead of traditional gifts. “All in all, it was the most amazing experience; I wouldn’t change it for the world, and can’t wait to go back.” Clare volunteered promoting Human Rights in Ghana.

You can make a difference too. If not this Holiday season then the next! For more information on Projects Abroad and how to volunteer abroad yourself, visit


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