Another Horrific Event Involving Children


UPDATE: 27 killed, 20 children and 7 adults after a 20 year-old male identified as Adam Lanza opened fire in Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut the morning of Friday, December 14th. The killer was also shot dead. Connecticut Governor, Dan Malloy said Lanza shot himself dead as first responders closed in on him. According to reports, Lanza appeared in the school’s main office at 9:40AM. Lanza killed his mother, Nancy Lanza at her home before shooting down the school. Earlier it was believed that Lanza’s mother had worked at Sandy Hook, but there are no records of her ever teaching there.

Ms. Lanza is believed to have been a gun enthusiast. Investigators have connected her to owning five weapons, 2 handguns, 2 hunting rifles and a semiautomatic rifle. Her son used the 2 handguns and the semiautomatic rifle the morning of the 14th. Why anyone would do something so horrifying, no one knows. A relative of Lanza told investigators that he had a form of autism. Others who knew him described him as being shy and reserved. Police have yet to disclose a motive for the attack.

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