What Is Really Behind Gen. David Petraeus’ Resignation?

Breaking news today was Part II of General David Petraeus‘ affair and resignation scandal. The press release on PR Daily EXTRA stated: “Will the tightly controlled announcement of the Gen. David Petraeus affair and resignation become an unstoppable PR crisis for the Obama administration? It’s hard to say, because the political and media world is only now getting a grasp on the scope of the story.” Are they really kidding us? If everyone on Capitol Hill who had an affair was to resign because of their infidelity, there would be no one left in office. This is, by far the most ridiculous excuse that we’ve been fed. Of course, it is always a tragedy for any family to be confronted with infidelity and shameful for any man to be exposed.

But, having to resign one of the highest posts in this country: the Director of the CIA, is a bit far-fetched. What is really behind all of this? In the same breath, we learned that the retired General, who seems to be praised by all the military and government officials, was to testify before Congress about the September 11th, 2012 killings of U.S. officials in Libya. We just found out that his successor, Michael Morell who is the currently acting as CIA Director and served once before in 2011 will do so instead. Something that doesn’t sit well with the members of Congress who apparently are pressing him to testify despite Patraeus’ resignation… To be continued…

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