“The Voice” Goes Green On Tuesday

Tomorrow night the Muppets get musical once again as Kermit, the most famous frog in the world, joins CeeLo Green for a duet on NBC’s The Voice. Green and Kermit will sing the amphibian’s iconic tune “Beein’ Green.” The duo will also be joined by some familiar fuzzy faces such as Statler and Waldorf, Animal, Fozzie Bear, Janice and The Great Gonzo. Along with the classic Muppet crew, they will be unveiling “Lo-Co,” a new character created with singer CeeLo Green in mind.

“It will definitely remain on the top of my most memorable collaborations!” stated Green.

All this goodwill between Muppets and humans is almost enough to make you overlook the insanely weird outfit Green is wearing during this duet. He looks like a disturbing cross between The Riddler and a Southern Belle from the 1900’s. The more we see of him the more he starts to remind us of Elton John. But, Kermit’s legendary song urges us not to judge, so we’ll try and keep that in mind.

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