Experience The “Madness” That Is Muse

“The 2nd Law,” the sixth studio album from the genre-defying, boundary-pushing experimental U.K. band, Muse, drops worldwide today, and will be available stateside tomorrow. The first single off this record, “Madness,” has gained over 5 million hits on YouTube and has forced its way to #3 on Billboard’s Rock Chart. Always attempting to fuse together elements from a wide variety of disparate types of music, Muse once again shows why they are deserving of being considered masters at genre merging. This eerie new single, which subtly highlights influences from edgy electro-dance music, 80’s glam hair bands, and modern alternative rock groups, reinforces the fact that Muse has become worthy ambassadors between styles, forcing rock to shake hands with the likes of electronica, punk, and psychedelic music. The Grammy-winning group’s disregard for convention and traditional styles has allowed them to pioneer a subset of rock all their own, while gaining a faithful following. Hopefully “The 2nd Law” will be just as uninhibited as their preceding album, “The Resistance.”

By: D.D.

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