99 Cents Store to the 90210

99 centsWhether rich or poor, everyone loves a deal. Near or far, the 99 Cents Only store is drawing all kinds of customers from all class levels. Beverly Hills’ rich folk are trucking to Hollywood 99 Cents locations just to save a buck. And who can blame them? The demand is so high that Eric Schiffer, the CEO of the successful chain is on the lookout for a space in Beverly Hills. That’s right, sooner or later you will see a Chanel tag for $900 and right next door a food tag for $99 cents.

“We know many customers are driving from Beverly Hills to shop at 99, and they have been saying ‘Please open a location in Beverly Hills,” he said.

While customers won’t be a challenge to come by, a rental space may be. Landlords who are used to high-end designer tenants may be hesitant to make room for the discount store. I think we can speak for the Beverly Hills’ residents when we say, “Bring it on!”

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