U.S.A Neck & Neck With China In 2012 Summer Olympics

Have you ever wondered why the U.S. still remains the most powerful nation in the world? Just watch the Olympics. They even have no fear in competing against each other. It’s all about succeeding with pride. Our country has some of the best and most competitive athletes in the world and the medal roster at Olympics 2012 proves it. Currently, Team U.S.A is fighting for the lead against China. We have a total of 43 medals; that’s 1 spot ahead of China (42). The tie for gold was broken when Michael Phelps won one more gold for the 100 meter butterfly, giving the U.S. 21 gold medals. The UK falls into the 3rd place slot with 22 medals.Here are just a few of the athletic heroes and heroines who have made our country proud:

16 year old U.S. gymnast Gabrielle Douglas rose above the fab five and claimed the gold medal winning the all-around Olympic title. She’s our “flying squirrel.”

25 year old U.S. swimmer Rebecca Soni not only won the gold in the 200 breaststroke, but she set a world record in her semifinal heat on August 1st. On August 2nd, Soni won yet another gold and lowered her world record to 2:19.50.

27 year old swimmer Michael Phelps may have had a slow start, but he’s won his first individual gold in the 200 individual medley on August 3rd, making him the first man to win the same individual event at three consecutive Olympics.

28 year old Ryan Lochte won the first gold medal in swimming for the U.S. in the London Games, finishing in first place in the men’s 400-meter individual medley.

17 year old swimmer and “Golden Girl” Missy Franklin has won 2 gold medals in the four by 100-meter freestyle relay and the women’s 100-meter.

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