Is It Really Possible To Fly From Los Angeles to New York In Less Than An Hour?

Hypersonic Photo Courtesy of US Air Force

When the Wright brothers invented the first airplane in Dayton, Ohio in 1903, they probably weren’t standing around saying to themselves, “You know what? Maybe in 100 years the plane could travel faster than the speed of sound?” It’s even hard for us to believe in the year 2012, but it’s true. The U.S. military is testing an aircraft designed to move at 6 times or more the speed of sound; in layman’s terms: it’s super fast and could potentially fly passengers from LA to NY in less than an hour. The plane is called Hypersonic X-51A and has been developed by The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). If all goes well, they could test a full-scale flight in 2016. We’re curious to find out how much they’ll charge for a roundtrip ticket and one luggage…?

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