He’s Back At It Again; Rupert Murdoch’s THE SUN Defies Royal Request

Rupert Prince Harry 

Rupert Murdoch just can’t help himself. Hasn’t he learned a lesson from The News Of The World fiasco? At one point or another, money can’t buy everything.

After the Royal family requested that the press respect the privacy of Prince Harry and not release any photos from his nude escapade in Las Vegas… sure enough, Murdoch’s publication, The Sun went ahead and printed it.

In an attempt to turn right back around and support the 27 year-old Prince, Murdoch tweeted “Prince Harry. Give him a break. He may be on the public payroll one way or another, but the public loves him, even to enjoy Las Vegas.”

One thing is for sure, Rupert is not the one tweeting. Someone else must be doing it for him. It is quite sad that, with the financial distress that the world is suffering from, the front page news is reserved to the Prince’s butt. What a shame.

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