Actress Katie Cassidy Voted Favorite for Title Role of ‘Ana Steele’ in ‘Fifty Shades’ Movie


Everyone whose read “Fifty Shades of Grey” has their own casting in mind. According to a recent website pole with 1,927 female Americans, ages 18-35, they’ve already decided who they think should  play the roles of Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey in the major motion picture version.  We may or may not agree with some of their choices…

Actresses to play Ana Steele:

  1. Katie Cassidy – 71%… she could definitely work, Katie didn’t dye her hair black just for sh%ts & giggles.
  2. Lucy Hale – 68%… stick to TV. You’re a Pretty Little Liar.
  3. Emilia Clarke – 67%… well, she certainly has no problem with nudity.
  4. Alexis Bledel – 65%… she’s got the naivety, but all I can think is Gilmore Girls.
  5. Emma Stone – 60%… isn’t she in enough movies this year? Give some other talent a chance. Plus, with her looks: no dice.
  6. Lily Collins – 56%… even if you trimmed her eyebrows, she wouldn’t fit the role.
  7. Ashley Greene – 52 %… Once a Twilight vampire… only a Twilight vampire.  
  8. Nina Dobrev – 49%… Once a TV vampire’s lover… only a TV’s vampire lover.
  9. Felicity Jones – 43%… her looks don’t cut it.
  10. Emmy Rossum – 45%… now that you mention it, maybe.

Actors to play Christian Grey:

  1. Ian Somerholder – 85%… too short
  2. Alex Skarsgård – 83%… too old
  3. Ryan Gosling – 77%… we know he can act the part, but he doesn’t look it.
  4. Henry Cavill – 68%… too busy being Superman.
  5. Matt Bomer – 62%… isn’t that Henry Cavill’s twin?
  6. Armie Hammer – 54%… he’s played 2 rich Ivy League men, maybe he could do it again.
  7. Christian Bale – 51 %… only during his AMERICAN PSYCHO days.
  8. Ryan Phillippe – 49%… What is this 1999? Did Cruel Intentions just come out in theatres?
  9. Jonathan Rhys Meyers – 43%… Again, people check your birthdates. You’re casting a 20 something.
  10. Paul Walker – 40%… you know we like Paul but he’s an action star.

THE perfect guys for the role of Christian Grey is our summer cover of LATF The Magazine: JAMES MASLOW.

Who do you think should play Ana and Christian?

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