Happy National Cook For Your Pets Day!

Pull up an extra seat to the table and let your pet join you…  it’s National Cook for Your Pets Day! Let your four-legged friend take a break from the kibbles and give them a taste of some home-cooking. We’re sure they won’t judge your culinary skills and will love you for that special treat.

Depending on the species, most pets will enjoy meals packed with proteins, plants and grains. Chicken, turkey or lean beef are great sources of protein.  Cooked rice or pasta will make a great addition to the meal. And don’t forget the vegetables! Finely chop or steam some veggies for easy consumption. For a sweet treat, top off the meal with a little peanut butter or fresh fruit. Most pets can enjoy apples and strawberries, but some fruit, like grapes or avocados, can be dangerous for your pet's digestion.

Do beware that some human food may be toxic to your pet. Before you share your meal, check out this list of foods to avoid feeding your pet from the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

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