Skincare Spotlight With Chanel’s Sublimage Line

I love trying new products so imagine how excited I was when a my friend of mine suggested two  skincare products from Chanel Sublimage:


Although, Sublimage is not totally new, it was new to me. My first step was to get acquainted by reading as much as I could about these products I was about to use for the next month.

SUBLIMAGE LA LOTION is the essential first step in the SUBLIMAGE ritual. Enriched with polyfractioned Vanilla Planifolia and Vanilla Planifolia Milk, this face lotion offers comprehensive soothing and regenerating benefits while also addressing the look of all youth parameters defined by CHANEL Research: hydration, comfort, wrinkles, uniformity, strength and radiance. The texture has a unique sensoriality, simultaneously fresh, milky and enveloping. Every day, skin faces numerous external stressors that can contribute to visible signs of aging. When used in the morning and evening, this alcohol-free formula supports barrier function and provides antioxidant protection to preserve a youthful appearance.

Day after day, the look of wrinkles and redness is reduced. Intensely moisturized, skin appears firm, plump and smooth. The complexion is perfectly prepared for the next steps in the routine.

SUBLIMAGE LE FLUIDE is meant to moisturize and protect, hydrate and defend skin for a healthy look. Enriched with polyfractioned Vanilla Planifolia, this silky, lightweight emulsion rejuvenates and mattifies. Excess shine is reduced and skin texture looks refined. Vanilla Planifolia is grown and harvested at the House’s open-sky laboratory in Madagascar. Meticulously refined through a specific process developed by CHANEL from more than 117 vanilla varieties.

The complexion instantly feels soft and fresh, with a smooth, even, luminous appearance.

Both products contain polyfractioned Vanilla Planifolia, an ultra-pure extract, 40 times more concentrated in effective molecules than the raw plant material. Mattifying roucou seed extract helps reduce excess shine and diminish the appearance of pores.

I would say that both products are impressive and I am looking forward to the voyage I am about to embark on for the next month before I come back to you to give you my lasting impressions. I will revisit in 30 days. Until then.

Explore CHANEL products here.

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