LA Based Ourika Soup Is Inspired By The Mountains of Morocco

How many times have you wondered what you can bring to a friend’s dinner party? Of course, a bottle of wine or flowers always works, but it is far from being original. I like to bring something more personal, something out of the ordinary. Here is a suggestion that has worked for me time after time. Have you heard of Ourika Soap?

It is the brainchild of Sophie Wizman who has crafted a line of luxurious, organic soaps in Los Angeles where she now resides. She chose the name Ourika, which comes from the valley in the High Atlas Mountains in Morocco, a place she is quite familiar with.

Shop from her many collections starting with Le Casablanca that offers 14 different selections, and among my favorites is Bergamot. Infused with calming lavender, this revitalizing soap is awash with citrusy goodness. Bergamot oil gently cleanses and purifies, as lemon oil brightens and tones your skin. The sweet, tangy scent and soft, luxurious lather of this rejuvenating bar will uplift your mood and dispel any negativity, while relieving muscle pain and clearing any damaged skin.

You might also consider OUD, packed with a lush, woody scent, but the star of this luxurious soap, Arabian Oud oil, helps strengthen your body’s defenses, purify your skin by removing harmful bacteria, and create a harmonious, calming effect on your mind. Amber oil also works magic in this bar, sending antioxidants into your skin which naturally revitalize and even out your skin tone, while Rhassoul Clay’s rich stores of minerals nourish and rejuvenate. Ourika’s Oud Soap creates a smooth, opulent bathing experience, which cleanses and restores both mind and body.

Another choice is Rose Petals, sprinkled with Atlas Rose Petals, this soothing bar repairs and rejuvenates. Organic Rose oil, laden with vitamins and minerals coupled with Moroccan Neroli oil, moisturizes the skin and gently treats any redness or blemishes. The silky, sumptuous texture of this elegant soap will leave your skin supple, soft and flawless. Once you start with one, you cannot help but want to try the other 11 soaps.

You also may choose Nuit D’Orient, from Le Marrakech collection, these are the ones you can hang on the shower faucet. This exotic soap is infused with Arabian Musk Oil which purifies and hydrates, all while reducing the appearance of any fine lines or wrinkles. The sultry scent of White Musk oil, combined with the heady fragrance of Eucalyptus, will leave your skin luxuriously perfumed and smooth.

The Madder Root is also a very good choice. For centuries, the madder root has been a staple of Mediterranean life. The vivid maroon color with earthy undertones reminiscent of Moroccan soil, transforms this soap into a vibrant celebration of Mediterranean tradition.

By including patchouli and sage essential oils in their Madder Root soap, they insure not only a luxurious, aromatic bathing experience, but also a healthier body and mind. An energizing, rejuvenating soap, that will moisturize and cleanse the skin to eliminate toxins.

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