Get Your Beauty Rest With Slip’s Zodiac Sleep Mask

I have been sleeping with a sleep mask for the past decade. There’s something about completely blocking the light out that allows you to slip into a deeper sleep. I have found that the most comfortable sleep masks are made of silk.

It’s not just a trend to sleep with a silk pillowcase and a silk sleep mask… it’s good for your skin and your hair. That’s a part of the reason why Fiona Stewart and her partner Justin Dubois founded slip.

Fiona was prescribed acne medication back in 2003. This resulted in extremely sensitive skin and thinning hair. Her dermatologist recommended trying a silk pillowcase. And so the slipsilk pillowcase was born.

Now they have launched beautifully designed sleep masks for each zodiac sign. Great for all Angelenos (Los Angeles is a hub for Astrology crazed humans), they have one for every astrological sign: from Virgo to Gemini, Leo to Pisces.

I like a sleep mask that, when I put it on, I don’t think about something wrapped around my head. No adjustment plastic pieces for me. The slip sleep mask is perfect.

  • Made using slipsilk™
  • Pure silk filler and internal liner

Great for gifting yourself or a friend; especially on their birthday.

Slip Zodiac Collection ($60) is available now on

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