Hyperice Founder Anthony Katz To Be Honored For His Inventions

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The 5th annual Daytime Beauty Awards have revealed their 2023 honorees.

HYPERICE founder Anthony Katz will be honored with The Inventor’s Award. He will accept the award at the October 1st ceremony in Los Angeles.

The Daytime Beauty Awards premiered The Inventor’s Award in 2022 for those who have created and developed innovative products which have made a significant contribution to the health and wellness industry.

Katz changed the game for professional athletes in the NBA, MLB, NHL, NFL, as well as weekend warriors with the creation of his first wearable ice compression device.

Legend, Kobe Bryant provided product feedback and became the first “test market” for the product, which led Katz to name the product – and later the brand – after the Nike shoe Kobe wore at the time, the “Hyperdunk.”

With his first product in the market that same year, Anthony spotted a growing need for portable recovery-tech devices that reduced injury and extended careers for pro athletes. Once Hyperice became a fixture on professional sidelines the world over via its signature Percussion Therapy Tools, Anthony and his company expanded to bring Hyperice into the homes of the everyday athlete. Now, with the recent acquisition of fellow industry leader NormaTec and countless technology innovations on the horizon, Anthony’s vision for athlete enhancement expands to include apps, wearables and a full digital/physical ecosystem, ready to optimize movement no matter the skill level.

An honoree luncheon ceremony, the Daytime Beauty Awards recognizes science behind beauty and spotlights health and wellness professionals in the fields of medicine, health and fitness, aesthetics, skincare, color and styling, CBD & cannabis, beauty innovation and more.

Meet the fellow honorees here.

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