Eggshells Can Help Your Plants Grow


Earth Month is in full swing as we lead up to Earth Day on April 22nd!

For all of your green life hack needs, look to TheSoul Publishing ‘s  5-Minute Crafts – on planting and gardening.

  • Pop-It Planter: If you have your child’s old pop-it toy laying around, it can make for a great organized planter in your garden. Simply remove the bubbles out of the frame and place into your garden. Drop a seed of the plant of your choice in each circle, cover with soil, and water. Soon, you will notice your plants begin to grow!
  • Egg Shell Fertilizer: Did you know eggshells can help your plants grow? If you’re interested in trying this hack, simply place your empty eggshells back into the carton and place soil and a seed inside. Allow some time for the seed to spout, and next, place the eggshell plant into your garden and water. You’ll notice that your plants grow quickly and easily!
  • Pool Noodle Planter: If you have a pot that’s too big for your plant, try this pool noodle base hack. Instead of purchasing a new, smaller pot, simply cut up a few pool noodles to even lengths and place them in the base of your pot. Cover completely with soil and put the plant on top. Cover with more soil, water, and enjoy!

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