Dr. Bronner’s Soaps Are Helping To “Protect Orcas!”


Dr. Bronner’s  launched a new limited-edition label of its 946ml (32oz) Castile Liquid Soaps in Canada, with the message ‘Protect Orcas!’ to promote the documentary film, Coextinction.

A presenting partner of the film, Dr. Bronner’s has created its first-ever limited-edition advocacy soap label for the Canadian market to further raise awareness about the film and its call-to-action.

Among its messaging, the ‘Protect Orcas!’ label calls upon consumers to take action on four key issues to prevent the extinction of the Southern Resident Orcas: Support Indigenous Sovereignty; End Open Net Salmon Farming; Remove Obsolete Dams; and Stop Fossil Fuel Pipelines.

dr. bronner's soap, orca whales

“Coextinction is strongly aligned with Dr. Bronner’s guiding Cosmic Principle ‘Treat the Earth Like Home,’ and addresses multiple issues that we are concerned about as a company from protecting animals and ocean wildlife to respecting Indigenous rights, promoting social justice, and practicing environmental stewardship,” says Michael Bronner, President of Dr. Bronner’s. “Coextinction is breathtaking and provides a necessary and urgent call to action! There is still time for us to protect this threatened ecosystem and show that we have the will to not only protect the orcas, but also to save ourselves in the face of the vast climate crisis. We are proud to leverage our reach and brand recognition to engage the public on the issues raised in this remarkable film,” Bronner continued.

In Canada, Dr. Bronner’s is promoting Coextinction under the All-One International Initiative, namely the All-One Canada chapter. The initiative seeks to support mission aligned activism in the markets outside the U.S. where Dr. Bronner’s sells its products.  The All-One International Initiative and Dr. Bronner’s support for Coextinction are both anchored by the company’s commitment to social justice, environmental stewardship, and animal advocacy.

A profound award-winning documentary on the extinction crisis, Coextinction debuted at film festivals in 2021, and has received critical acclaim at screenings worldwide.

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