Fragrance Spotlight: Nabil Hayari Unveils Glamour Day and Evening Signature

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French Couturier, Nabil Hayari just added two new fragrances to his already impressive collection: Glamour Day and Evening Signature for women and men.

Glamour Day embodies an alluring and positive energy. The creators chose the fresh citrus note of sweet bergamot from Italy in harmony with a citrus tone. A hint of magical bitter almond powder, originally from South Africa, adds a lavishing twist to the top note.

The scent of white cotton is symbolized by the blend of iris and metallic notes. Just like precious fabrics, the iris has been sacred since the Egyptian era. The choice of this flower is a nod to the royal and lavish era of ancient Egypt, which is very dear to Nabil Hayari. Intended for haute perfumery, the iris is also called Fleur de Lys and is the symbol of French royalty.

  • Top Notes: Citrus, Bergamot, Accord Air Frais, Bitter Almond
  • Heart Notes: Iris, Rose, Jasmin sambac, Accord Fer à Repasser
  • Base Notes: White musk, Minerals, Patchouli

hayari paris, fragrance, perfume, evening signature

Evening Signature follows the same pattern as the daytime counterpart with the integration of musky and more powdery fabric scents.

It has a cereal tone, a natural product from France, similar to the notes of dried fruits and aquatic notes.

  • Top notes: Bergamot, Elemi, Freesia
  • Heart notes: Blé Abs, Accord Céréale, Rose, Géranium
  • Base notes: Tobacco, Mousse, Tonka beans, Myrrh Abs


hayari paris, nabil hayari, fragrance, perfume

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