Stocking Stuffer: Lilla Rose Hair Clips For The Holidays

lilla rose, hair clips

Whether you have long hair or mid-length, this is the perfect stocking stuffer for any teenager or women of any age, and even for guys…

In fact, Lilla Rose is a hair jewelry company which was founded by John Dorsey. It is the perfect accessory that will not damage your hair.

I first came across Lilla Rose hair clips when I received a pack of Flexi Sport Barrettes. I have worn them since I was a child but these ones were quite different. You can wear them all day and they will never slip off of your hair.

Perfect for all hair types, they come in three sizes: XS, Small and Medium. They’re even 100% water proof. Easy to use, the Dual pin flip to hold the amount of hair you choose. Last, but not least, they come in many colors.

I could not resist visiting their website and check out if they had anything for the holidays. It turns out that they have an impressive array of styles: From the Snow Flake to beaded styles and everything you can imagine; hair clips, hairbands, bobbies, sticks, u-pins, charms, essentials, etc.

It is the perfect gift for those who love dressing up their hair.

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