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get a room and order champagne


A fairly new company founded in 2018, they are unconventional and provocative at times. The company’s message states: “We were born in 2018, holding fast to the idea that the fragrance industry was in dire need of a change. When we looked around, all we saw was a sea of sameness: outdated archetypes of femininity and masculinity paired with unrelatable images of luxury that we had no say in. In truth, we are complex in ways that cannot be contained in the traditional heteronormative stereotypes, existing beyond the binary with raw, unfiltered voices that deserve to be heard.”

This is confusing to me. Especially when they say “images of luxury that we had no say in.” You can always choose not to embrace it.

I just got my hands on a bottle ‘Get A Room and Order Champagne’ EDP. 

As COAR says, it is an invitation to be unabashedly ourselves,’without mincing our words, filtering our message, or second-guessing what needs to be said. It’s a call to speak and act on behalf of that authentic voice lying dormant inside us, waiting to be amplified and heard. It’s a realization that we all deserve to feel celebrated, recognized, and understood. 

They call it a trailblazer in the world of scents. 

Not sure what any of this has to do with fragrance or what it all means; but, in any case, it’s a nice scent. If you are looking for something different, this is it!
They describe the juice as: Raspberry and mandarin open the scent with a juicy, in-your-face flair, as night-blooming jasmine and sensual cocoa whisper sweet nothings into the mix. Like a transcendental beat heard through the midnight fog, patchouli drifts into vanilla, blurring the lines between reverie and reality. Try it or give it to someone who can appreciate the philosophy behind it.

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