@GuidoGagootz Goes Viral On Instagram

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Instagram is catching on to the indie micro comedy series, “HOW TO DO SH!T with GUIDO GAGOOTZ”, hosted by influencer Guido Gaguzzi (created by Adriano Valentini and Sandro Iocolano). In less than one month, the series’ Instagram page @guidogagootz has grown from 700 to over 72,000 followers! 

The world loves “How To” videos and they love “How To” videos gone-wrong even more. With the help of his diverse Brooklyn neighbors, a stubborn, argumentative, yet oddly woke, tracksuit wearing Italian-American, known as Guido “Gagootz” Gaguzzi (portrayed by actor Sandro Iocolano), starts a “How To” YouTube channel (purely for tax right-off purposes) that never actually teaches anyone“how to” do anything. 

guido gagootz

Fusing comedic stylings similar to “My Cousin Vinny” and “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” each 1 minute episode has Guido attempting to show his audience “how to” do something – How to Buy Property or How to Lose Weight – with the help of a special guest from his diverse neighborhood.

Guido has made a splash across the country, winning Best Actor at SeriesFest 2021, and both Outstanding Comedic Directing and Outstanding Comedic Acting at Micheaux Film Festival 2021, as well as a Finalist for Best Web Series Micro Episode at Portland Comedy Festival 2021 and more. In May 2022, the latest season premiered on both coasts on the same weekend – opening at NewFilmmakersLA and New York CineFest.

In July, Guido will be returning to the Micheaux Film Festival!

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