Pentatonix Release The Ultimate “90’S Dance Medley”

Pentatonix Release "The Ultimate 90’S Dance Medley.”  Featuring songs from Jennifer Lopez, Robyn, La Bouche, CHER, Cascada, ATC, C+C Music Factory and more… New Original Album, "The Lucky Ones," Out Now!

"Pentatonix evolve their sound with new cool material." – ASSOCIATED PRESS. 

"The Lucky Ones," an album composed of original songs, is the harmonic group's most ambitious recording yet." – USA TODAY

The Lucky Ones Tracklist:

1. Happy Now

2. Love Me When I Don't

3. Coffee In Bed

4. Be My Eyes

5. A Little Space

6. Side

7. Bored

8. Exit Signs

9. Never Gonna Cry Again

10. It's Different Now

11. The Lucky Ones

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