Boundery’s eBulb: The Answer For Any Blackout

When was the last time you thought about a blackout? How many homes in America have a backup generator? I can answer that, not that many.

Living in California, which is earthquake country, we are often reminded to store a survival kit with essential supplies, including a flashlight. But how often have you checked the flashlight before realizing that the batteries are getting low? A power outage cannot be predicted, they just happen, and I hate blackouts because they freak me out. We do not know how long they will last or when the power will be restored. At that moment you feel powerless and for a few seconds, you do not remember where your flashlights are or where you put the matches to light the candles. The only thing you can think of is protecting yourself and protecting your home.

One innovative product I have recently seen advertised on television, is the EBULB™, a rechargeable built-in lithium-ion battery integrated into the base of a light bulb, which automatically activates in the event of a sudden power outage. The company that manufactures these bulbs is called Boundery, a California-based team of inventors, innovators, story tellers & logistics wizards who have dedicated their lives to making ours easier. The new eBulb is the first self-charging emergency bulb. Although it looks normal, the eBulb is not a regular bulb. While it works in the same way, the difference is that the eBulb is a self-charging lightbulb that is always prepared for a power failure. eBulb will work no matter the circumstances. It is the best emergency light solution you can have. The eBulb is lightweight and can be easily carried around if need be.

Easy to use. All you have to do is replace your old bulb with an eBulb, because it works just like a regular bulb, yet it offers so much more! It has a backup emergency battery that provides over 6 hours of light.  In case of a power failure, it will light up automatically so that you are not left in complete darkness. The backup battery charges itself, so no additional steps are required for it to function. Another feature is the 9Watt LED which will save you money since LED lamps are much more efficient in terms of saving power. In fact, eBulb uses 80% less energy. Think about all of this when you are about to buy light bulbs. I highly recommend buying eBulbs instead.  It is a small investment that in turn will bring you total peace of mind. And by the way; they work outdoors as well. Thanks, Boundery!

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