Balance & Grip Gifts: Ninja Board, PowerFit Elite & Valor Peg Poard

Strong grip, balance, agility… all of the skills we wish to obtain as Ninjas, Climbers and Obstacle Course Racing athletes. The only way to build powerful balance, core and grip is with consistent training. Sometimes you need a little help along the way. I have personally tested these three items … and I can attest to the fact that they are premium, must-haves for your training! Gift them to your Spartan Race addicted friend or yourself…

Ninja Board by Atomik Climbing Holds

Calling all free climbers and ninjas… Atomik Climbing Holds is a solid company with great ownership and quality climbing holds, hanging boards and grip items. I would call this the Rolls-Royce of ninja training boards and hanging boards altogether. The ACH team designed this specifically for ninja training. As they call it: The highest concentration of Ninja Warrior obstacles in one training board.

The Ninja Board is a collaboration between the First American Ninja Warrior Geoff Britten and Atomik. It's a strong board with various options for strengthening your grip and upper body strength. Go big or go home if you're going to be a real-life ninja…. you need this board in your life. 

  • Vertical Limit (1cm and 2cm)
  • Cliffhanger (1", 1.5", 2")
  • Pegboard (8 locations that use Atomik's 1-1/4" pegs)
  • Pull-ups (2 T-nut locations so you can change the hold)
  • Eyebolts (2 locations to use HANGING PRODUCTS)
  • Slopers (Beginner 105 degrees, Expert 115 degrees)

The Ninja Board comes with:

  • The above-specified grips that are part of the molding process.
  • A pair of 8" dynex slings and 2 quick-links that you girth-hitch the eye bolts.
  • Two 4" balls with indoor bolts to attach to the upper left and right of the board.
  • A 5/16 L-Bar wrench for the 4" balls.
  • 10 x 4" TORX screws to attach the board to your structure.
  • A TORX bit
  • Two wood pegs that measure 1-1/4" x 7" 

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PowerFit Elite

There's a lot of debate surrounding vibration based machines. Do they work? The answer is, it depends on how hard YOU work. You can't just stand on the PowerFit Elite, let it jiggle your thighs & butt and hope you lose weight. That's not how you burn calories or tone / build muscle. It's all about how you choose to utilize the machine… and there are countless ways.

With that said, the PowerFit Elite is a great machine to gift your active friends and family members this holiday season. 

Why? It's versatile. You can work aerobics, plyometrics, squats and even your core. Use it as a step up platform or balance obstacle as the vibration technology stimulates your muscles for added contraction and activation all throughout your workout. The connected resistance bands create an at home cardio gym for whole body toning and strengthening.

Speeds vary from 1-99 and, dependending on how close or far your feet are set a part means your walking, jogging or running. By 99, you'll feel pretty loopy!

Check it out, it's definitely a fun gadget for at-home workouts.

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Valor Fitness

I'm a big fan of Valor Fitness. I've had the their Climbing Peg Board in my living room for quite some time. It's strong and sturdy. In my opinion; training your grip on solid wood and rock is the best thing you can do to prepare for obstacles.

  • PLYWOOD CONSTRUCTION–  heavy-duty climbing peg board is constructed of heavy-duty multi plywood so you can have full confidence your pegboard holds firm while climbing during your training – whatever that may be!
  • MADE FOR ALL KINDS OF ATHLETES– Whether you're a beginner or expert, this hang board is the perfect tool for any athlete training for cross training, ninja warrior, rock climbing, gymnastics, and many other sports requiring grip strength!
  • EASILY MOUNT TO GYM WALL– A great addition to any gym! Easily mount this gym peg board to your wall for the ultimate pegboard wall! The PG-1 peg board features wall mount holes spaced 16" apart for standard stud distance (mount brackets included).
  • COMES WITH – Climb board includes 2 wood pegs to get a great climbing workout! Peg board measures 71" x 12” and features 38 holes for climbing holds with the 6.5" long pegs.

Reviewed by LATF USA's VP, Pamela Price – American Ninja Warrior competitor (Season 11)

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