Worx Hydroshot: A Great Tool For Home

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Once the announcement came that Covid-19 would keep us confined in our homes for three months, I had to turn the negative into a positive. I proceeded to make a list of everything that needed to be cleaned around the house so I could reorganize my entire household. Once the inside was finished, I would start cleaning outside. From patio furniture, to the fountain and the stone walkway and the windows, I was on a cleaning frenzy. Each day after completing my chores, I allowed myself a time of relaxation by watching TV. I usually tuned in to INSP or HGTV which are two of my favorite channels. I love learning the secrets of what can be done in your home.

I might be the only one, but I have to admit that I enjoy watching the commercials on INSP; this is how I discovered the Worx Hydroshot, referred to as the Portable Power Cleaner Tool. Of course it always appears great when you are shown all that can be done with a product on TV, but does it really perform as advertised? The ad listed all of its features such as: The 320 PSI which is 5-times more pressure than a traditional garden hose with sprayer. It has just the right amount of cleaning power. And, it’ll get the caked-on mud off the SUV, but it won’t take the paint off like a pressure washer can. Just the right amount of pressure for a wide variety of cleaning tasks.

worx hydroshot water pressure cleaner

It’s versatile because of the 5-in-1 pressure nozzle which lets you easily switch between spray intensities (0°, 15°, 25°, 40°,) and the watering setting. One of the unusual features for this kind of tool is that it draws from any fresh water source so it’s perfect to use around the deck or the pool. It lets you take the water anywhere with its new bottle adapter and is much more portable than a traditional pressure washer. Powerful yet lightweight—almost anyone can use it. Finally, the Hydroshot is battery operated. Knowing the impeccable reputation of Worx, I decided to take their word for it and order my own Hydroshot. Once I received it, I immediately proceeded to clean my patio furniture which had spent the entire winter outdoors and was in poor condition.

With the help of the new Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, which now is 4-times stronger than the original, I started by scrubbing all the patio chairs, followed by a thorough rinse with my Hydroshot, then another cleaning with Mr. Clean Freak, the new deep-cleaning mist which you immediately wipe after the application.  I was able to restore my furniture to its original white color.

Mr. Clean

Mr. Clean is one of the greatest products ever invented. I use it everywhere in my home, and of course at my office. Another product that I saw during the commercials was the new Magic Eraser Sheets that I even use in my car with just a bit of water. At the end of the day, all these products work well and make your life easier. So do not hesitate, try the new Mr. Clean and buy the Hydroshot. 

It comes with many accessories which can be bought separately depending on what you need!

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