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The founder of, Gloria Pope is a Certified Health Coach, Nutritionist and Trainer.

She recommends taking a few drops of CBD on a daily basis to maintain balance in your mood, consume your essential superfoods to gain that energy and most importantly take the time to make yourself that nutritious breakfast in the morning, that breakfast will set your tone for the day! 

Check out this delish healthy recipe:

Raw Cacao Smoothie bowl

Makes 1 serving


1/2 Cup of Hemp milk

1/2 frozen banana

1/2 small avocado

1 scoop of vanilla flavored vegan protein



1 tbsp Sunbutter



Slices of banana


Add all the top ingredients to a blender with a hand full of ice and blend until it turns into a creamy mousse. 

Spoon the mixture in a bowl and top with walnuts, oats and a scoop of Sunbutter.

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