Sofia Vergara Launches New Sunglass & Reading Glass Collection

Eyewear designer, FGX International announces the launch of Sofia Vergara x Foster Grant, a new collection of reading glasses, sunglasses, and SunReaders® from award-winning actress, entrepreneur, and philanthropist, Sofia Vergara, and the globally recognized eyewear brand, Foster Grant.

The collaborative collection between style icon, Vergara and FGX International's marquis brand, Foster Grant, features 24 styles available in a variety of fashionable colors spanning the reading glasses, sunglasses, and SunReaders® categories. Styles were personally curated by Vergara, available beginning today for $31-$41 exclusively on https://www.FosterGrant.com and

This collection of eyewear is made accessible to the public at a time where consumers are perhaps experiencing a greater need for affordable eyewear solutions. In this new normal where more people are working from home, spending time reading and participating in safe activities, this collection from Foster Grant provides solutions for today's needs, at a great price.

"I have loved creating my eyewear collection with Foster Grant. Not only does the brand have such a rich heritage and solid commitment to giving back to those in need, but they were fun to work with while bringing my ideas to life," said Vergara. "I wear readers myself, and now that I am home reading so much more, I know how important they are to so many of us.  I also know a woman wants to feel good when wearing them, wherever she is.  I wanted to offer fashionable, chic, fresh eyewear styles, allowing women to not just to see, but to see beautifully." 

Both Vergara and Foster Grant are incredibly proud to announce Specs for Specs™, a new charity initiative where Foster Grant will donate one pair of reading glasses to RestoringVision for every pair of Sofia Vergara x Foster Grant eyewear sold. Vergara's collection of Foster Grant eyewear will support the world's largest disability, uncorrected vision impairment. One-third of the global population, 2.7 billion people, live with uncorrected vision. About one billion people need only reading glasses to correct their vision, yet of those, more than 500 million live in impoverished communities with limited access to reading glasses. Since 2008, FGX has donated more than 11 million pairs of eyewear to RestoringVision to help eradicate poor vision around the world.

"Teaming up with Sofia Vergara will allow us to shine a new, bright light on a significant global health issue, only exasperated through these current challenging times that as a company, we're committed to solving," said Lisa Lord, Vice President of Licensing, FGX. "Sofia's collection of Foster Grant eyewear gives our customers a stylish assortment of eyewear at such accessible prices, with the added bonus of knowing you're giving back with every pair purchased. We're thrilled and thankful to partner with Sofia on this incredible endeavor, and hope her collection inspires fun and fashion, as well as very real solutions for global needs right now."

Vergara collaborated with Foster Grant's Creative Director and Senior Vice President of Product Development, Matthew Coon, bringing to life sophisticated, statement-making styles at a remarkably competitive $30-$40 per pair. The reading glasses styles feature a range of magnifications for both traditional readers, and Multi Focus™ Blue reading glasses that afford wearers advanced lenses with three strengths in each pair plus a blue light coating. The SunReaders® styles come in both a full magnification lens as well as a hidden bifocal style that allows for outdoor reading in style.  All sunglasses and SunReaders styles have 100% UVA-UVB lens protection.

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