Is Your Cat Healthy? Pretty Litter Let’s You Know

Normally, Blanche would be writing this article, but I had to take the reins for this one. As a cat mom, I have tried a lot of products for Ms. Blanche; from treats to catnip shaped like Marijuana buds and bizarre toys. But, I have to say that PRETTY LITTER is by far one of the most facinating and useful pet products I've come across!

Imagine, a kitty litter that can tell you if your cat is healthy or having issues. It exists!

When your cat goes #2, it's one of the worst scents imagineable. You have to rush to flush it down the toilet and light a match immediately. Then, the litter gets everywhere. I've tested every litter grain in the book, from the dusty clay to the larger crystals.

Finally, I think my problem is solved… After using PRETTY LITTER, I can safely say that it's my #1 choice for Blanche's bathroom. 

What makes this kitty litter so special? 

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  • Diagnosing Your Cat's Health: PrettyLitter changes color to tell you when your cat has a potential health issue, so you can get them help before it becomes an urgent medical situation. This could save you big money on expensive vet bills, not to mention it could save your cat's life.
    • Blue means: ALKALINE – Certain types of urinary tract infections. High urinary pH can lead to bladder crystal and stone formation.
    • Yellow means: ACIDITY – Metabolic acidosis & kidney tubular acidosis. Low urinary pH can lead to Calcium Oxalate.
    • Dark Yellow/Olive Green means: TYPICAL – Dark Yellow / Olive Green coloring indicates urine within a typical range.
    • Pink/Red means: BLOOD – Bladder inflammation, bladder stones, urinary tract infection.
  • Scent: PrettyLitter traps odor instantly and then eliminates moisture, so you'll never smell your cat's dirty business again.
  • Cleanliness: I like that I can shake all of the bits off with the scooper and it doesn't clump. 

Cat parents, I give this FOUR PAWS UP. Highly recommended.

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