SoapStandle Tip: Are You Washing Your Hands Correctly?

It might sound like a funny question but: are you washing your hands correctly and wearing your face mask the right way? 

With the CDC’s recommendations to wear masks, people are wearing masks more frequently – and it becomes important to understand how to properly wear a mask for protection.

Here are steps you must take in putting masks on.

  1. Wash hands for 20 seconds – Lather your hands with soap and wash hands for at least 20 seconds. If you are a bar soap user, attach soap to SoapStandle to eliminate messy soap goo. Make sure to dry hands.
  2. Apply skin protection – Apply the new Body Glide's Face Glide onto nose and back of ears to prevent skin irritation and rubbing – all without leaving any grease. Do not apply petroleum jelly as it leaves grease onto your mask.
  3. Place mask on face – Make sure the exterior side is facing away from your face and place mask.
  4. Secure mask in place – Pinch the bendable top edge of mask on your nose to secure mask and ensure it fits correctly.

When it comes to your soap bar, you want to keep it clean and free from the goo that piles up. We discovered: SoapStandle. It might be small, but it does wonders in a big way! SoapStandle just rose to the top of our MUST-HAVE product at home. 

It's a clever, small, and inconspicuous standle that sinks its “teeth” right into any size or type of bar soap. This appliance elevates the soap allowing air to circulate around the bar for it to properly dry, putting an end to soap goo and messy sinks.

Not only does its rigid grip prevent the goo, it also makes bar soap non-slip and extends the life of bar soap by 30 percent, so you can enjoy longer lasting soap.

Made of 3g of recyclable material, SoapStandle is reusable, eco-friendly, and just right to be your little green sidekick.

Stay clean!

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