If Your State Was A Rom-Com Movie, Which Would It Be?

Random, but fun… if your State was a romantic comedy movie, which would it be?

Since we all need a little extra love right now, the analysts at created a national report revealing each state's favorite romantic comedy film.

Which rom-com classics does America enjoy the most?

Over one in every four states chooses Pretty in Pink as their rom-com top choice! All hail, John Hughes.

Some popular favorites by state enforce regional clichés that are just too good to pass up commenting on:

  • Maine, which has the oldest median age in the United States, goes old school with It Happened One Night.
  • Oregon keeps it weird with Amélie, a quirky French film about an off-beat romance.
  • South Dakota, which rates in the top five highest birth rates in the U.S., gets Knocked Up a little more often.

Read the full report HERE.

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