Food Huggers A Terrific Invention 

Where there is a will there is a way! But someone had to come up with the idea.

It is a simple invention, yet a super cool one created by Michelle Ivankovic, an industrial product designer by trade, and Adrienne McNicholas, a marketing strategist.

 If you have not heard about it, let me introduce you to “The Food Huggers,” a brilliant tool designed to ensure that all your fruits and vegetables are kept fresh for as long as possible. This little gadget adapts to your fruits and vegetables and literally hugs your products. I saw it on TV and had to have it.

Convinced that everyone wanted to build better food sustainability habits in their lives, Food Huggers® launched on Kickstarter in 2013 and raised an incredible $184,000 from more than 5,000 individual supporters comprised of their inventors, women, and friends. Not only is it a fun product, but Food Huggers helps reduce food waste as well as plastic waste.

Since their launch in 2013, they have sold their reusable food savers around the world from New Jersey to New Zealand! The Food Huggers team has also grown into a dynamic group of clever and friendly people based in Canada, USA, Spain, Jamaica, and Kenya. The Huggers are made with safe silicone and can be reused many times over. They replace tons of single-use plastic wrap, bags or foil that you might otherwise have bought and then trash at the end of the day, therefore saving you money. You can bring them to work with you and save that half of an apple that you could not finish or even half of your banana or put them in your beach bag or simply leave them in your kitchen. They are also easy to clean; soap and warm water will do the trick.

Food Huggers® comes with a lifetime guarantee. My recommendation is to get yourself a bundle of hugs.

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