‘Aladdin’ Star Navid Negahban Campaigns For Artist Space

Actor, Navid Negahban is fighting to save Romany Artist Center&Studios

What is it? An artist's colony and residency. A safe haven, free of any kind of prejudice for the artists built by the artists.

The 'Homeland' and 'Aladdin' star has started a GoFundMe to keep the studio space alive as it struggles to survive during the COVID-19 crisis. 

Romany Center & Studio is an artist-hostel and creative space located in Boyle Heights-Los Angeles. It will provide housing, a studio and recording space, and an opportunity to earn an income, for artists who need a place to stay and work while they get on their feet. 

Here is a quick overview: 

– A six bedroom house, which can house up to 8 artists at this time. 

– A 1500 sq ft. space to be used as a photography studio, rehearsal or workshop hall  for actors, musicians and artists.

-The former gas station is being converted into an ice-cream/coffee shop to create a source of income for the artists who live at the center.

-A 3500 sq ft parking lot will be used by artists to paint, carve, play music and host art shows. This will also provide the neighborhood kids with a safe place where they can explore their own artistic abilities. There are about five schools within walking distance. 

-Currently, the walls surrounding the parking lot are often covered with graffiti. It’s done mostly during the night; they often sneak around and run away before they are discovered. Now, they don’t have to run anymore, because we will give them materials and permission to paint on the walls of the center. When they are finished, a professional photographer will photograph their work, and then the wall will be painted white, ready for the next street artist. At the end of the year, we will host  an art exhibition to showcase and sell the works, with proceeds going to the artists. 

Romany Center & Studio will provide safety, comfort and the flexibility for artists to work on their projects and to propel their careers toward success. 

Check out the page HERE

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