Live In Snow White’s Cottage; All You Need Is $775k & 7 Dwarfs

Yes, it's true. A real life cottage out of a fairytale. Talk about a storybook real estate dream come true.

snow white, cottage, real estate

The Brothers Grimm published "Snow White" in 1812 and Walt Disney made it a film in 1937. One family loved the story so much they decided they wanted to live there – and they did! 

One imaginative family was so in love with the Seven Dwarf's home that they reproduced it as a family home where they lived until 2005 in Olalla, WA.

snow white, cottage, real estate

The person who bought it continued the theme and continued to enhance the interior. After twelve years of living in one of the world's most magical environments, she is offering her Snow White cottage for sale to the next family who will find as much joy there. 

snow white, cottage, real estate

The home has 4 bedrooms and 4.5 baths.

Now for only the second time since the early 1970s, Snow White's cottage is for sale, priced at $775,000. Sadly, the Queen's magic mirror does not convey.

snow white, cottage, real estate

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