On-The-Go Must-Haves From Robin McGraw’s ME O’ MY Collection

Whether you decide to go on an outing in the countryside, a hike in the mountains or a day at the beach.. escaping for the weekend is always a wonderful thing. When you're prepping and packing, here are a few products from Robin McGraw Revelation's ME O' MY line that you may not think about taking with you, but will always and definitely come in handy!


A lip-shaped tin filled with refreshing peppermint mints in the shapes of X’s and O’s. Kissy Permissy® is the perfect travel-sized companion for freshening up any time of day. Spruce up after lunch or a mid-afternoon snack. Price: $3.75


Accidents happen, be prepared! A small bag of 20 colorful and cute assorted size, bandages. Highly absorbent, latex free, non-stick pad that cushions and protects cuts and scrapes. Long-lasting sure-stick adhesive stays secure. It is also available as OWIE-MEOWIE® for the cat enthusaists. Price: $3.95 


This handy pack of pocket tissues is cozy and compact. You can even carry it in your pocket. Tackle the sniffles with soft, three-ply paper that’s extra gentle on your skin. It's nveniently packaged to go wherever you want to go: in the car, in your pocket, on the nightstand, or in your purse. Don’t suffer through a cold or allergies… Price: $2.45

Robin McGraw

Robin McGraw


There's nothing more bothersome than having food stuck in your teeth after a meal and no floss in sight. Flossy Glossy® floss picks come in a classic metal tin, and includes a mirror for those hard-to-reach spots. Small and discreet enough to keep in your back pocket or purse, they’re perfect for getting rid of unwanted food after lunch or dinner… Price: $3.95


This all natural moisturizing formula will help soften and smooth your lips with soothing coconut oil, avocado oil and cocoa seed butter & vitamin C. It will heal chapped, broken and inflamed lips; which is great if you're going hiking or at the beach in the sun because it protects your lips from the effects of harmful daily elements such as extreme heat, cold and wind. It's available in 4 flavors: Cherry Blossom, Blueberry Muffin, Wedding Cake, Sugar Plum… Price: $3.49


Completely antibacterial and made with aloe and Vitamin E, Handy Candy® antibacterial wet wipes are perfect for around the house or office, during a meal out and especially in your car. Did you know that the wheel in your car actually carries the most bacteria? Not so hard to imagine when you think about it! But you need those Handy Candy® wipes to rid the wheel of those germs! Price: $1.45

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