Prince Teams Up With New Favorite Friend Zooey Deschanel & L.A. Reid For Dance Single!

Prince – the artist who is still called Prince – must really like Zooey Deschanel. The enigmatic imp appeared recently on Zoey’s sitcom, “New Girl.” He even debuted new music on the show. Now he’s recorded a new single with Zooey. And instead of releasing it himself or on some odd label, Prince has actually handed “FALLINLOVE2NITE,” a catchy upbeat dance record, to Epic Records chief L.A. Reid. (I wonder if Prince ever uses “to” or “two” or “too” or for that matter “four” “fore” or “for” when he sends emails to friends.) Maybe Prince will give Reid a whole album that can be marketed. The last time he did that was the “Musicology”“3121”“Planet Earth” era from 2007-2007. Maybe L.A. can go through the whole 2000s of Prince’s output, find the best songs, and release them as an album. The albums need a curator!

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