Obama Administration Will Reportedly Loan $1 Billion To Ukraine, Where Will This Money Come From?

President Obama and other world leaders are attempting to convince the Russian government to stand-back on their attack and take-over of Ukraine. Obama said that the U.S. are “more than willing to work with the international community and with Russia.” In addition, the Obama administration has announced $1 billion in economic and energy aid to Ukraine on Tuesday. As the U.S. government is in debt, where, may we ask is this money coming from?

Aid aside, the big question is – where does President Putin stand? As of Tuesday, he said that Russia saw no need to use military force in the Crimea region of Ukraine for now

Russia has agreed to a meeting with representatives from NATO on Wednesday to discuss the Ukraine crisis, according to Italian Foreign Minister Federica Mogherini. If Russia were to use force in Ukraine, it would be a choice of last resort, Putin said.

Putin has already ordered troops involved in a military exercise in western Russia back to base on Tuesday. The US Secretary of State, John Kerry, arrived this afternoon to Kyiv to hold talks with the new leadership.

Kerry said on Tuesay, “We have evidence of a great transformation taking place. And in that transformation, we will stand with the people of Ukraine. We greatly admire the trestraint that the transitional government has shown.”

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