Capital Murder Charge For SXSW Killer

On Thursday, 21 year-old Rashad Charjuan Owens accelerated down a street during the popular SXSW music/film festival. Allegedly Owens sped through a crowd of pedestrians while drunk, running over people and hitting other cars. Two people were killed and twenty-three injured. On Friday, Owens was charged with Capital Murder.

“Victims were reported to have been flying everywhere as they were being struck by the Honda,” police said in the charging documents. The car chase turned into a foot chase between Owens and police before he was Tasered and captured. 27 year-old Jamie West, who was on a motorcycle, and Dutch tourist Steven Craenmehr (35 years-old) are the victims.

The blocked off street Owens drove through was filled with people listening to music just after midnight.

Owens’ bond was set at $3 million.


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